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    Untitled Dusty Project (Always Running out of Time)


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    Untitled Dusty Project (Always Running out of Time)

    Post by DustyFray on Tue Jun 19, 2012 4:52 pm


    This will be the form that will help just sum up what this entire, giant project is.

    Some back story behind the entire project, is the fact that I like to write things; I for a long time wrote really cheesy stories on another forum site, where I created Dusty; the royal blue duck. Many adventures were to be had with the little fellow.

    After leaving the site, I hadn't done much Dusty related stuff in a year, and decided to jump back onto the band wagon and attempt my go again with more stories, only to see them completely flop and fail.

    That is where I decided to go along with a project; a brand new, never before seen story revolved around the city of Toontown and stuff. I have an entire 30-chapters of content of what COULD of been of the story; around a hundred pages worth of text and story. That is when it struck me, that none of them (with the exception of Dusty) actually revolved around the entire city of Toontown, but another one that I had created out of my mind, at the time called Guardia.

    I scrapped the entire script, the plot, and the personalities of most of the charatures and decided to do a reviving story; except not just a story, but a novel. A 200/300/400 page novel about the Duck and some adventure and stuff. Only recently have I gotten deeper into the project with a note sheet containing summaries of what I need to write.

    The reason the story has (always running out of time) in parentheses is because that is not the offical title of the story; It still doesn't have an offical name, but it will in the meantime.


    Dusty has spent the last seven years of his life in a deep, dark depression from the world; his only contact a female hummingbird by the name of Elpris. The duck hasn't stepped foot in the outside world since the loss of the closest people to him. The hummingbird has become the duck's only reason to live in the world; she has given him all, and he has given her nothing. After she leaves to go on with her life, Dusty realizes that he too needs to move on, and grow up. Sometimes, growing up comes with some complications...


    Part 1
    Story Notes; 90%
    Writen; 0%

    Part 2
    Story Notes; 24%
    Writen; 0%

    Part 3
    Story Notes; 0%
    Writen; 0%

    Part 4
    Story Notes; 0%
    Writen; 0%

    Part 5
    Story Notes; 0%
    Writen; 0%


    For support of a topic, I need 5 supports all together. :3

    Also, I have signatures that I could give out for purposes and stuff :3


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    Re: Untitled Dusty Project (Always Running out of Time)

    Post by Dilly on Tue Jun 19, 2012 5:02 pm

    *Waves hand around.* I'm supporter!



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    Re: Untitled Dusty Project (Always Running out of Time)

    Post by Stripe on Tue Jun 19, 2012 8:37 pm

    I support!

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    Re: Untitled Dusty Project (Always Running out of Time)

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