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    The life of a hero/villain


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    The life of a hero/villain

    Post by Stripe on Sun Jun 24, 2012 9:55 pm

    anyone may continue! just trying to make the site active :3

    It was a dark night. I stood a top a building looking all hero like. "Manda you can't fly..." Ah yes, that is my sidekick...well im her sidekick so my hero L. M. Doodle, otherwise known as Dilly. My name is Manda Mae, otherwise known as A-Kick. Dilly says i chose a silly name but it just goes along with m personality.
    "Manda get down here now."
    "Alright!" I bent down about to jump.
    "You can't fly!" She shouted stomping her foot on the ground. I pouted walking to the ladder and climbing down. "Killjoy."
    "Killjoy!? your the one commiting suicide!"
    "I am not!" This happens about all the time. Yet she hates how I usually make her look bad. I'm all bright and colorful and shes...well....dark. But as her sidekick I shall stay by her side even if she doesn't like it!

    Walking for a while Dilly grabbed my arm pulling me into an ally. "Dill-" "shh!" She covered my mouth as someone walked by. She had short brownish hair with a rainbow mask on. "That's one of the towns most wanted villians. The Decolorist. Her power is to be able to take colors away and is a real sneaky person!" She whispered out at The decolorist walked past the ally. Dilly slowly approached pulling out her boomerang spear. I followed grabbing a near by base ball bat. "On the count of three we jump out." I nodded as she began counting.
    "RAHHH!" I jumped out swinging my bat. Dilly followed grabbing the bat. "WERE NOT TRYING TO KILL HE-"
    "Aww she got away."
    "how...on earth are you my sidekick?!" She dropped the bat walking away putting up her spear. I followed.
    "When i say 'on three' that means at the number three!"
    "I never learned my numbers...or alphabet..."
    "how do you plan on protecting this city?!"
    "well...first you need to actually start training me. Or else I'm gonna be like this forever." I felt her aura go from annoyed to go away or I'll bash your face in. I rubbed the back of my head. "Sorry." She was silent.
    "fine I'll start trying." I said as she looked at me grabbing my shirt. "YOU HAVN'T BEEN TRYING?!"
    "Mommy look! that bad person over there is bullying that girl!" A little girl shouted as her mom picked her up running the other way. Dilly let go of my shirt leaning against the wall. "just go home. tomorrow we will walk around again and try to stop the Decolorist or anyone else who comes to harm this town." I nodded walking off.

    The Next day.

    I sat in my window watching for Dilly to walk by. As normal she came around 12 with her hero outfit in a bag. I grabbed my outfit jumping down. "I'm hungry."
    "Theres a bakery around the corner. We could get some snacks there." Dilly nodded and we headed off.
    entering the bakery, the baker Madelynn walked up. "Hello! Welcome to my bakery!" Me and dilly sat down as she walked up. "what would you like?"
    "A cupcake for me." I said as dilly looked around.
    "Uhhm..i would like a peice of cake please." Madelynn nodded walking away.

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    Re: The life of a hero/villain

    Post by Dilly on Sun Jun 24, 2012 10:05 pm

    Dilly coughed awkwardly, shoving the bag underneath the chair.
    "You need to get your act together A-...Manda." she pointed her finger at her sidekick. Manda looked up from the table and threw on her most charming grin.
    "My act is together- you just don't happen to appreciate it."
    "Well people are losing the color that makes them who they are. Wanted or unwanted, it needs to stop." Manda threw her hands up in the air in defeat, "Alright, alright!"
    The two sat silently until the waiter returned balancing two small plastic plates in her palms.
    "Here you go!" Madelynn placed each plate in front of the two, "Anything else? Maybe a drink...?"
    Manda shook her head, "No thanks."
    "Hot chocolate." Dilly narrowed her eyes at Manda. There was another moment of silence which was broken by Madelynn leaving.
    "I'm thirsty."
    "Hot chocolate?"
    "I like chocolate."
    "Explains the chocolate cake." Manda picked up her cupcake, and watched as Dilly stabbed her desert with a fork.



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    Re: The life of a hero/villain

    Post by Doggie! on Mon Jun 25, 2012 7:40 pm


    Love the story so far, guys ;w;

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    Re: The life of a hero/villain

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